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This is a place to type all factions and explain the RP you are currently in.

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Factions of Aiscoria[edit | edit source]

Timeline of Aiscoria[edit | edit source]

Things to know:[edit | edit source]

Eastern Kingdoms - Aiscoria

Kalimdor -  New Garthimir

South Kalimdor - Forgotten Lands

Draenor - Rainora

Quel'thalas - Scyeria

Gilneas - Eastoft City

Lordaeron City - Astheria City

Stratholme - Icarius City

Alterac - Mill Creek Hold

Hearthglen - Wardenfell Keep

Andorhal - Wardenfell

Caer Darrow - Wardenfell Prison

Dalaran - Alyisia [Fraewyn Elves Only. All those who entered suffer the penalty of death]

Stranglethorn Vale - Ravenfang Hold

Tyr's Hand - Asalidan [Human] | Abyssal Stronghold [Darkwind]

____________MORE WILL BE ADDED SOON____________________________

Latest Activity[edit | edit source]

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